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Thanks to its world-leading, innovative and sustainable aquaculture practices Mowi offers a wide selection of healthy and tasty seafood. Customers can choose from a range of formats from whole gutted fish, fillets and steaks to ready-to-eat products like smoked salmon and portioned fish.


Fresh or frozen, primary or secondary processed products the Mowi range is extensive with much of it tailored to specific markets, for detailed information please contact the sales departments directly.

Primary and secondary products

Market Products Presentation
Belgium, Canada, Chile, France, the Faroes, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Scotland, US, Turkey

Whole gutted fish, head on and head off, including Label Rouge salmon from Scotland and Norway and organic salmon from Ireland

  • Fillets guide
  • Steaks, cutlets, portions, loins, kebabs, steak combos (steaks plus tail fillets)
  • Salmon, white fish or other seafood
  • Other options as agreed with the customer
Fresh and frozen. Secondary processed products such as fillets, portions, steaks and kebabs are available in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) trays and other retail packaging such as bags, show boxes, vacuum skin pack trays and flow packs.

Value added products

Market Products
Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Turkey and the USA breaded
filled with sauce
delicatessen product
fresh fish ready meals
smoked fish

Spotting market trends

Meeting the needs of retailers and food service providers and driving category innovation, the Mowi product development team spots market trends and identifies opportunities and requirements for new products. Often this is done in close cooperation and exclusively with a customer. At other times new products are brought to the market by Mowi and become widely available.

Responsible processing

Ensuring Mowi’s minimum waste policy is met, parts of the fish not used in the filleting and value added processes - which contain valuable nutrients - are offered as specialist products such as mince, salmon meal and frozen block product.